Snow Miku Fuwa Fuwa Coat review!

Hello everyone, this is my first figure review, so please give me a lots of critiques and comments! 😀

Today we’ll be taking a look to the newest addition in my collection, Nendoroid Snow Miku Fuwa Fuwa Coat version!

The Box

Snow Miku’s box are bigger than regular nendoroid box, probably because of the LED stage and twintails. So it is quite a problem for me to store it in my usual box shelf ;w;

Another thing, the box is covered with colorful sparkles everywhere XD Yay for shiny boxes~ It’s so awesome C:

Now let’s check the contents!

The Nendoroid

This is what’s inside! A lot of stuffs, yes? As you can see, the LED stage is quite big so it takes a lot of space in the box.

What you’ll get:

-Miku’s standard headphones

-A pair of additional arms (hands-on-hip pose)

-A pair of additional hands to hold the shovel and microphone

-Additional legs



-Ice Sculpture

– 2 additional faceplate

-Coat collar

-Standard nendoroid stand

-LED stage

Front and back!

The Expressions

Snow Miku comes with 3 different expressions. This is her standard expression, a happy face~

Second expression! Surprissed or embarassed look? I’m not really sure which one, haha… But it is very cute with the open mouth and slight blush on her cheek 😀

Last, my favorite expression, tha tsundere face! The pout and the blush is just so adorable!


As you may already know from GSC, it has been discovered that some of the Snow Miku 2012 products sent out were defective. Luckily mine seems to be quite fine!

Silver -blue headband and blue ribbon.

Snow ornaments on her hair, this is the one on her bangs.

Fluffy earmuffs/headphones, matching colors with the coat’s collar and ribbon!

The most important parts, the fluffy coat! Also covered with snow ornaments, big round buttons, and ribbon in the middle. Unlike previous Snow Mikus where the outfit was just a bit diferent from Miku’s original outfit, this Snow Miku’s coat is one of the main reason why I bought this nendoroid~

Amazing details, “VOCALOID” on the front side of the coat and “01” on upper right arm sleeve 😀 But the Vocaloid logo is not too visible from the front shot, because it is hidden by the big ribbon.

Also come with fluffy boots.

The ice-like hair C:

With snow prints all over, the color on the bottom part of the hair is slightly transparent and gives a really nice ice effect XD

The ice sculpture. It’s roughly same size as nendoroid petit, its color is slightly transparent. It also can stand by itself without using any kind of standing.


This is a few standard poses you can make with all the parts you got from your nendoroid Snow Miku!

LED stage!

You can stick your nendoroid stands in the LED stage, so no worries on putting your Miku there! And the LED goes perfect with the slight transparent ice sculpture.

Overall, Snow Miku 2012 is the perfect nendoroid for you to spend your money on! More photos of the Snow Miku: Check out my deviantart 😀