figma Madoka Kaname review!

Hello dA watchers/fellow blogger/random passerby~! This is my second review ever and my first figma review, so… comments and critiques please? 😀

figma Madoka is winning the poll! Probably because the movie is just out and not to mention nendoroid and figma Ultimate Madoka is going to be released next February, so excited! I’m also ordering the figma Ultimate Madoka, yay C: Anyway, this is a quick (or not?) review of the figma of our favorite magical girl, Madoka Kaname!

The Box

Madoka’s box is in the size of a regular figma box, she doesn’t get much extra parts and the figma is quite short? And of course it is colored pink. All figmas from Puella Magi series have the same box size, only different on the color.

The Figma 

This is what’s inside! Not too much parts, but still awesome! What you’ll get:

-2 additional faceplate


-4 arrows


-2 grief seeds


-Figma stand

-lots of hand parts

Front and back shot!

The Expressions

Madoka comes with 3 different expressions. This is her standard expression, a smiling happy face~ Best expression for a majokko XD

Second expression! A serious look for an attack scene! This is a very cool expression, and match perfectly for the bow and arrow.

Last, a shocked/sad/scared expression? In my personal opinion, I don’t quite like this expression ._. Not cute at all! But the anime is not really about a cute majokko anyway, and Madoka cries quite a lot LOL. This faceplate could be pretty handy to create some fighting scene with the other puella magi.


Madoka comes with her trademark twintails and her famous ribbon ;w; It can be rotated so you can make her hair looks natural and goes together with her poses, it is also detachable.

Ribbon choker.

Soul gem.

Magical outfit! Awesome details on the frilly parts + buttons + ribbons. Also comes with cute puffy skirt and gloves. The middle part of the outfit (white yellow apron thingy with buttons) is elastic, because Madoka has joint in her chest so she can moves her upper body quite well.

Pantsu under the skirt~ The hips joint can moves well to the right, left, front and back.The thigh joints also have wide range of movement because it isn’t blocked by the puffy skirt! Lucky~

Frilly socks and cute ribboned shoes. Madoka’s shoes use heels, but she is still pretty stable to stand without a figma stand in a flat ground.

Standard figma stand.

Kyuubei! What is PMMM without Kyuubei, really. Its head can move, but not the tail. Please trust me and DO NOT TRY TO MOVE IT. I tried to move mine and I think now it’s gonna fall off. Haha. ;;;____;;;


These are a few standard poses you can make with all the parts you got from your Madoka Kaname figma!


Overall, Madoka Kaname is a very cute and awesome figma! Have you pre-ordered your Ultimate Madoka figma or nendoroid to accompany her? (photo from mikatan blog)

More photos of Madoka: check out my deviantart 😀

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