Racing Miku 2012 ver.

Nendoroid Racing Miku 2012 version! I’ve been waiting for this nendoroid from the time I pre-ordered it! I’ve been trying to write reviews for my new figures, to help me to get accustom to pose and play with them, quite helpful for my figure photography XD


Today we’ll be taking a look on Nendoroid Racing Miku~ this post will be filled with lots and lots of photos >_>




The box is not tall, but super long because of the car and the open parasol part! Checkered black and white. Also not like other nendoroid boxes, this one is opened from the side, not from the top. I almost broke mine trying to open it from the top ;__;



Now let’s see what’s inside…


Quite lots of parts 😀


– Nendoroid Racing Miku

– Nendoroid Car

– Open parasol and the handle

– Trophy

– Nendoroid stand

– Smiling faceplate

– Closed parasol

– Lots of arm parts

– Bent legs


As you can see the car and the parasol is still plain, you will get sets of water decals to attach to them.


Decals sneak peek


Finally out of her box! Here is the racing diva~ This is her standard expression, a winking face~

Kira *(*´∀`*)☆


Another expression, a smiling face. So cute! It’s really cheerful and suit Miku very well.


Ooh a crown ❤ Race Queen? I have to say I really like the 2012 ver. racing outfit, the small parts details are really well done and the costume is more… modern(?) than the past Racing Mikus.


The end of the twintails are wavy, I love wavy figure hairs C: It is also colored slightly lighter than the top, but not transparent.


The outfit details. Sexy outfit but still looks super cute thanks to the nendoroid body! Awesome details once again, comes with Good Smile Racing logo on the chest. There are separate joints on the shoulder and the arm.


The back side.


The headphones! Racing Miku headphones are different than the other Miku nendoroids I have. It is attached to the bangs rather than the back side of the head, so to change the face you have to take of the twintails first before you can take of the bangs :”< Well, it is necessary to create that circle hair band.


The Good Smile Racing logo on the outfit.


Two colored boots.


The Nendoroid car! The seat is created so you can make Miku or other nendoroids stand inside it, and the tire can moves 😛 This is the picture of the car without the decals.


Open parasol, also with Good Smile Racing logo. This is the picture of the parasol without the decal.


Inside of the parasol. The handle can be taken off.



A closed parasol! The size difference is too much that no one will believe that it’s the same parasol XD But it is the perfect size for a nendoroid.


The trophy~ I don’t actually understand which hand parts is used for holding the trophy, but I managed anyway haha.


Bent legs.


Parts to create the pose on the original illustration!


Finished on the decals~! I didn’t do quite a good job on the car, so no detailed shots XD



Over all, Racing Miku 2012 ver. is an awesome nendoroid, with her all new fancy costume and cute expressions. The paint details and sculpt are very good, specially her wavy hair ❤ The nendoroid and the stand is well made so she can stand easily. The decals for the car are also cool, with lots of illustrations and logo all over.


So that’s all for this post I guess, Miku says bye bye~(人´∀`*)