Nendoroid #296 Alice


Yay new nendoroid~ Meet Nendoroid Alice from Momoiro Taisen Pairon! The first time I saw her I actually thought she is Alice in Wonderland 😀


The contents~


The instruction card and a serial code that can be used in the game. The illustration is very cute!


The nendoroid stand~ it shapes a little different because her long and curly hair will get in the way if you use the usual curve stand. The ‘M’ stand is for the chair.


This is how the stand look from behind 😀



Bunny pouch!

Closer look of the bunny pouch~



Mahjong tiles! Momoiro Taisen Pairon is a mahjong game, so I think this part is a necessity lol

But I actually bought nendoroid Alice just because she looks like Alice in Wonderland, so I might never use this part again in the future 😛


Winking face and bunny staff~ So cute >_<



I just noticed that that are code on the arm parts to show L and R arms~ How convenience XD I actually never noticed these things before, do other nendoroids have this too?


“Tsun” expression, chair, and sitting parts! This expression is actually one of the main reason why I bought Nendoroid Alice. It’s just too adorable to miss.



Let’s go to school ❤



“This is not my dress!”

Well of course it’s not Alice 😀 It’s not even a dress.



Aichi in wonderland!

Hopefully I’m not too evil to Aichi~ He fits the dress perfectly XD


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Playset photos with Nendoroid Aisaka Taiga~


This is the playset that I used for photoshoot with Nendoroid Aichi 😀

The price is cheaper than a nendoroid, about the same with the nendoroid playset from Good Smile Company but of course the size is bigger, but unlike a nendoroid playset, this one doesn’t include the furniture so you have to buy it separately.


The House



Additional parts for customizing the set. Floor, fences, stairs and steps.


The floor can be put on the front, back, and on the house.

How it’ll looks like when put on the front part.


Peeking from inside the door >_<


How it’ll looks like when put on the back part.


By the window~


The furniture set that was used on Nendoroid Aichi photoshoot~


It actually include lots of stuff, but I’m too lazy to open it all up and clean it afterwards lol.



The floor can also be put on top of the house to make a second storey~ but it looks so scary! What will happen if my nendoroid fall from that height >_< That’s actually because the house that I bought is only a part from one big house! This one is the terrace part I think… to make the whole house you’ll need 4 or 5 set.



That is all ^^~


Nendoroid #290 Sendou Aichi

The parts. Not too many parts but can create many variations 😀

Vanguard cards, instruction guide, and stickers for the mini vanguard cards (I already used the Wingal one)


Hand parts. Can be attached to any nendoroids to create the cardfight scene with other characters :p

The card can also be taken off, so it will be easier to attach the stickers and change the card position (horizontal, vertical, frontside, backside, etc)

Three joint parts on the bent arm, so the directions are more adjustable

Standard pose

Dere faceplate lol 😀 The blush is not too visible, but it’s there :/

Do you know who is this?

Wingal! It has joints on the neck part and you can take off the scarf.

Ride on Wingal!