Color Colle Saiyuki!


Hello again! This time I will share pictures of the newest addition to my collection, Saiyuki mini figures by Color Colle! As you can see, I am a big fan of the Saiyuki series. And since Saiyuki doesn’t have any figures released, this is about the best I can get for now (´・_・`) well, they have released a scale figure from the first Saiyuki I think, but it’s an ooooold figure and really not that good ^^; anyway, moving on!


So karakore is not really a display figure, I have to take off the metal chain first or it will got in the way. Unfortunately it will leave the figure with a small hole on the top of the head XD but it’s not really noticeable, I’m not really bothered with it. One box is a set of 8 mascots.


First, we have Genjo Sanzo! Leader of the team or mostly known as droopy eyed monk! (laughs)
Sanzo can’t be this cute! His mean eyes actually looks very adorable in this chibi form! Complete with his cigarette, harisen, and sanzo uniform, he is posed sitting down and looking really bored. Unfortunately, his pet is ready to make a mess for him to clean up…


Son Goku! Jump! The Goku figure has a jumping pose! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
So I tried to make a jumping photo of him. His diadem paint is tinted kind of metallic, making the gold colored effect.


Next is a cockroach! (^O^) Sha Gojyo a.k.a. ero kappa! His antennae makes me laughed out loud when looking at it. In the manga, the antennae is actually just 2 thin line and looks kinda cool, but in chibi form it looks really funny. Like Sanzo, Gojyo needs his cigarette fix every day :c


Last from the Saiyuki Group is Cho Hakkai! Peacefully drinking tea with Hakuryuu the dragon, he is the mother-hen of the group. He is my second favorite character because he is always really kind, like a responsible older brother. Next let’s take a look of the Saiyuki Gaiden group (・ω・)ノ


Konzen Douji! Gaiden Goku’s caretaker. He looks even cuter than Sanzo! Why do they make the tsundere characters looking very adorable?!


Konzen’s long hair looks really nice, this is probably my favorite figure from all eight c: he looks really cool.


Woohoo, Konzen I’m falling! Gaiden Son Goku! Similar pose with the older Son Goku form, this figure is really detailed, even to his shackles TToTT unfortunately I just realized that the picture I took didn’t show his shackles at all (^_^;)


Ken nii-chan! Woah, his pose looks so cool! I wish they would have given him his gun rather than sake though. And last, Kenren’s infamous partner…


Ten-chan! With loads of books to read, as known that his hobby is reading books and learning about the world below c:


Together with Kenren! Ah, I wish the plot can be as happy as this Q__Q Saiyuki Gaiden’s plot is still the best I’ve ever read. No matter how many times I’ve read it, I always can’t stop crying my eyes out by the time the manga ends.

Last picture:


Gaiden group! Definitely no regret of buying this box set! >__<
Wish they would release more awesome figure for Saiyuki. Please bring back old series! (wwww)

Until next time!


Less than 2 weeks to AFAID!

Two weeks less to Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2013! This year AFAID will last for 3 days from September 6 – 8 in Jakarta Convention Center.


I will be there on Friday (evening), Saturday (morning – night), and Sunday (morning – evening), and Figure Photo Studio ( is located in the Creators Hub Area booth #27/28.

FPS first started on last year’s AFAID, and to start our second year we will prepare new products in the booth, do come and visit us! 😀 a sneak peek:


We got about more or less two months to create a whole new photo sets for AFA, everybody has been working hard to prepare for this >__< I’m also doing my best to keep up! With my ‘last year in school’ started this July, it’s been a pretty exciting time to divide time for my study and hobbies these weeks XD

Another thing to look forward to in AFAID:


Miku photobook! For those who didn’t get a chance to pre-order or can’t buy it online, it will also be available in our booth. Feel free to check it out (and buy some) for lots of Miku cuteness :p

I have ordered new costume for AFA, but it seems like it’s still in the making and I’m not sure if it will be finished on time, so perhaps I’ll cosplay as Zura (ja nai, Katsura da!) on the second or last day. Complicated costumes will be too much of a hassle since I will be helping out in the booth so I don’t think I’ll cosplay on the other days ^^;

Even though I live in Jakarta, my house is about 2 hours away from the convention center, so I’ll stay in a hotel near JCC since Friday and won’t come back home till Sunday, instead of wasting 4 hours everyday for car rides.

Definitely excited for AFAID this year, hopefully will get a chance to meet many old and new friends there.

See you in AFA!

New Playset [with nendoroid Mirai!]

Hello hello, this time I will be showing my new Sylvanian Families playset, Sweets Store!




Unlike my previous playset (, this one is already fully furnished. While the price is about the same, this playset has smaller space than the house. I have used this playset for a photoshoot on the first day I got it, with nendoroid Rin Kagamine!



Such cute colours and nendoroid!  (≧∇≦)/

Without further ado, let’s take a more detail looks on the playset!


Front view! As you can see, the space is really not that big… But it has nice detailed walls, places to put more items inside, cute stickers, and lots of windows. Also there’s another unique addition:


Holey roof 😀

So when you put it near a light source:



It creates a really nice natural light pattern~ I’m looking forward to try this in some of my photos :3


The playset included a lot of stickers that you can put around the insides/outsides of the stall. I have completed the stickers placement before I started the review, so here is the finished photos:


Besides stickers, the playset also comes with many papercrafts:

The plates are made from plastic, but the coverings are part of the papercrafts. Very awesome details on the small pieces! The plates itself are only a few centimeters wide.


The rest of the papercrafts are a couple of paper bags, and additional decorations to be placed in the stalls or on the counters.

The playset also comes with various snacks~ Well it is a sweets store after all 😀 The foods available are lollipop candies, cookies, cupcakes, chocolate spread, and waffles. All of it are really well made with the details and colours.

Lollipop place on the counter.


Now let’s see them all arranged~

Ah, all of the decoration make it looks very sweet and warm~ I love it! \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/


Now, let’s try putting a nendoroid to test the size…  ∩( ・ω・)∩


Yay Mirai-chan~ A mini sweets store for a mini Mirai! Like you can see the height of the playset fits nendoroid perfectly, although the space inside is really small so you probably can’t use a nendoroid stand >_<

Well, that’s about all I can post about the playset! I seem to like the sylvanian families stuffs more and more now…


Until next time! ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ

Drawing skills?!

So because a lot of things I started to practice drawing a few months ago 😀

I learned stuffs for school pretty quickly, but unfortunately for me I suck at learning new skills lol. Even in figure photography, it took me a good couple of year and endless amount of photoshoot trial to get decent and presentable photographs like now… And even now my photos’ quality are still inconsistent XD


I spent the first few months drawing randomly and trying to get the hang of things, like the first time I got my camera. Seriously, I don’t draw. These two books are filled with things you don’t want to see ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

About now, my drawings are still pretty much basic and not that good, inconsistent, yadda yadda but at least it has improved a little than the first time I started xD a few sneak peek (but no hi-res either because it’s still so so simple draws): (´・_・`)








Stuffs to do when bored




A bit worried about how I can improve in this one last year (of school), won’t get pro in such a short time but I do hope I can at least work better on the basic skills >_<

Let's just do what I can for now (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))


Since Danganronpa anime is being aired, I wanted to try playing the game once before watching the anime. I just finished it a few weeks ago, and turns out I really really like it 😀 The plot is quite interesting, and all sort of unique characters are in the game making it more irresistible. Not to mention you can spend free time with the character you want to gain more abilities or skill point~ I love the super cute Chihiro! But of course, my most favorite character is…


Our headmaster Monokuma!
Who wouldn’t love a monochrome bear running around and turning everything into chaos 😀


My favorite characters from the survivors are probably Byakuya-sama and Genocider Shou (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) they’re both the coolest and also the funniest character in the game, with both of them around hilarious scenes are bound to happen, more reason to keep fighting in the game xD Now that I’ve finished the game and know all the characters from Danganronpa super duper high school despair, I can plan my next shopping list in peace!

The last Wonfes has provided lots of options to choose from, I saw a picture of PVC Puppetmaster and Monokuma, but I don’t think I save the pics… But there’s another PVC which is also as cool as that~


Kirigiri PVC! (photo credits to the owner)
She’s almost everyone favorite character, except me! My friends said that she is the coolest girl character so that’s probably why… But personally I think she’s just ‘okay’ lol. Still I think this PVC is really awesome with all that details and the base and the Monokuma 😀



For now, nendoroid Monokuma and Makoto Naegi is enough for me :3 I actually missed the first order batch for Monokuma, so I’m really glad they decided to rerelease it. I hope to see more details for the Kirigiri PVC and more figures from Danganronpa series!

Doll and stuffs

After a few years I started my figure collecting, I finally decided to try buying a Ball Jointed Doll (BJD). I always wanted one before, but I had never give it much thought so I don’t know where to buy it, the price range, international shpping, etc, all I know is that it’s a very expensive doll. lol.

Turns out that not all BJDs are expensive, you just need to find the right brand and size of the doll you want. Mine is a Kid Delf doll from Luts, only around 42.5 cm in height with base price of 240 usd.


So this is my boy~ His name is Mail Cornelis, sculpt from Kid Delf Boy Yuz, wig and eyes from Luts, and outfit from Volks :3 On the first glance many people said that he’s very pretty and looks like a girl, but I personally think he’s very cute and boyish xD


When you bought a BJD, usually they come with a random pair of acrylic eyes, some brand also gives you a random wig. Mail only come with a pair of dark purple acrylic eyes and no wig, so I have to buy the wig and outfit + shoes separately. His default eyes from the company is the one on the right, as you can see it has a very dark colour even in lighted area. After a few weeks getting frustrated with it every time I tried to have a photoshoot, I finally ordered him a new pair of blue glass eyes (the left one) and it turns out to be very cool~


The first wig he had was a short red one, because I like red hair :p
Unfortunately, the style is too short for my liking and about the same time I ordered him a new glass eyes I also bought him a new wig.


So that’s the story how he ends up looking like he is now xD I definitely like the new wig better though, the colour mix well with his eyes, and his hairstyle makes him look more ‘boy-ish’ than when he used the red wig, he’s more adorable than ever before >_<


Just for a joke, because many people had mistaken him as a girl before, I bought him a girl wig :p I have to admit that he does look very pretty in it. Perhaps I should think of changing his gender //evil laughs.


A few months from now, if everything work well, Mail will have a new brother 😀 I’m saving for a new doll, and have been lurking around the site for choosing the doll and etc parts. I also have been spamming my friend (who is already tempted to buy a doll) with cute pictures of Mail. Since I live far far away from anywhere I haven’t got many friends who is a doll owner (but I do have a few online and they all have very beautiful boys and girls >_<) and have never went to a doll meet, so Mail is quite lonely…


Taking pictures of doll is very hard for me because they’re really different from figures! Hopefully I can improve my skills though~ having a doll really makes you want to show his cuteness to the world xD

Aaand that’s pretty much all of it for now, thanks for reading!

Japan Trip

During school holiday in June, I got a chance to visit Japan for a week. I’m with a tour group so I can’t run away to Akihabara for shopping, but Akihabara is not the only place in Japan for figure hunting :p


Sega Joypolis, did’t go in though. Project Diva f trailer are being played on the TV at the entrance. Joypolis are located in a mall, which is also filled with many souvenir shops. Regular souvenir shops sell many kind of anime merchandise such as Ghibli, Love Plus, One Piece, Gintama, etc. I felt super excited just for window shopping there 😀


Accidentally found Nagoya Pokemon Center! All kind of Pokemon things are available from keychain, card games, candy, and even usable items like beach floats, mug, lunch box, and clear files! A ‘must-visit’ place for every pokemon fans.


Gintama in Kyoto :3 bought in souvenir shops along the road to Kiyomizu Temple.

On the last day of the tour, I haven’t done much shopping and felt very unsatisfied D; After checking out the tour schedule, I noticed that tomorrow I will have a 3 hours free time in Shinsaibashi (Osaka) for shopping. I spent the night googling for hobby shops in Shinsaibashi and finally found this awesome place Den Den Town, which is a road full of hobby shops located in Nipponbashi, only 2 stations away!


I don’t understand Japanese, but looking from the picture I assumed this is some kind of Steins;Gate cosplay cafe~ too bad it was closed at that time. I didn’t take many pictures in Den Den Town, most of the stores won’t let you take pictures of the inside :/ too bad

The first shop I visit is Joshin Kids Land, a toy shop filled with figures, books, gunpla, posters, etc. Foreigner that bought items for total more than 10,000 yen can also get duty free (yay discount!), I bought Nendoroid Mirai and Kagamine Twins Append :3 the gundam building is also in Den Den Town, but I didn’t visit it. Next I went to Volks, Inc building. About 8 storey, the first few floors are for figures and merchandise, next some gunplas and plamos, and finally on the top floor, DOLL GOODS! Well, it’s Volks, duh.

Dollfie, dollfie parts, tools, bags, books, eyes, wigs, costume, you name it and it’s there. At that time, I had only owned my doll for a week, so I’m not really experienced yet. I only ended up buying him one costume. If I went back there again, I would surely buy him tons of goods! Feeling quite happy of my shopping, I travelled back to Shinsaibashi. During the trip back to the station I bought another figure :p


Taito Station Arcade


Phew, overall I’m very nervous running around there >_< definitely an exciting experience. Hopefully I will get more chance in the future to come back there (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

Thanks for reading!