Japan Trip

During school holiday in June, I got a chance to visit Japan for a week. I’m with a tour group so I can’t run away to Akihabara for shopping, but Akihabara is not the only place in Japan for figure hunting :p


Sega Joypolis, did’t go in though. Project Diva f trailer are being played on the TV at the entrance. Joypolis are located in a mall, which is also filled with many souvenir shops. Regular souvenir shops sell many kind of anime merchandise such as Ghibli, Love Plus, One Piece, Gintama, etc. I felt super excited just for window shopping there 😀


Accidentally found Nagoya Pokemon Center! All kind of Pokemon things are available from keychain, card games, candy, and even usable items like beach floats, mug, lunch box, and clear files! A ‘must-visit’ place for every pokemon fans.


Gintama in Kyoto :3 bought in souvenir shops along the road to Kiyomizu Temple.

On the last day of the tour, I haven’t done much shopping and felt very unsatisfied D; After checking out the tour schedule, I noticed that tomorrow I will have a 3 hours free time in Shinsaibashi (Osaka) for shopping. I spent the night googling for hobby shops in Shinsaibashi and finally found this awesome place Den Den Town, which is a road full of hobby shops located in Nipponbashi, only 2 stations away!


I don’t understand Japanese, but looking from the picture I assumed this is some kind of Steins;Gate cosplay cafe~ too bad it was closed at that time. I didn’t take many pictures in Den Den Town, most of the stores won’t let you take pictures of the inside :/ too bad

The first shop I visit is Joshin Kids Land, a toy shop filled with figures, books, gunpla, posters, etc. Foreigner that bought items for total more than 10,000 yen can also get duty free (yay discount!), I bought Nendoroid Mirai and Kagamine Twins Append :3 the gundam building is also in Den Den Town, but I didn’t visit it. Next I went to Volks, Inc building. About 8 storey, the first few floors are for figures and merchandise, next some gunplas and plamos, and finally on the top floor, DOLL GOODS! Well, it’s Volks, duh.

Dollfie, dollfie parts, tools, bags, books, eyes, wigs, costume, you name it and it’s there. At that time, I had only owned my doll for a week, so I’m not really experienced yet. I only ended up buying him one costume. If I went back there again, I would surely buy him tons of goods! Feeling quite happy of my shopping, I travelled back to Shinsaibashi. During the trip back to the station I bought another figure :p


Taito Station Arcade


Phew, overall I’m very nervous running around there >_< definitely an exciting experience. Hopefully I will get more chance in the future to come back there (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

Thanks for reading!


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