Gintama: The Final Movie


Gintama movie has been showing in Singapore since October 17 (=゚ω゚)ノ yesterday I finally get to watch it, so happy! The movie is available in cathay cineplexes until 6 nov, and will also be shown in AFA 2013 (8-10 nov) although it’s still haven’t been told when is the movie shows start.


All movie ticket purchases will also get a Gintama premium merchandise 😀 the 2nd week purchase get a Gintama notebook! I actually prefer the posters, and turns out they do give out the posters for the people that didn’t get the notebook because they’re out of stock (I knew it later on oTL) still the notebooks are quite cool :3


I also went to Otaku House to do some shopping, but there’s nothing I really want there, so I just bought a plushie. Read till the end to know what plushie it is :p and I noticed that they sell figures with unbelievably high prices. BRS series figma and old numbered nendo, all priced over 100 sgd (。-_-。) the figure shop next to it (Movie Replica) didn’t open even until pass 1 PM, so I went to Latendo in Funan.


I was hoping to buy Hideyoshi nendoroid if they have some in stock, but they don’t ^^; they have quite a lot of stocks though, ranged from old nendos and new ones, same thing for figma and pvcs. They also sell nendo suction stand and clip stand. I bought Taito Sonico figure too, Sega and Taito figures are quite well made and their prices are very affordable, usually lower than nendo or figma. But sometimes their details are not as good as PVCs, but that wasn’t really a problem.


Gintama movie banner in the cinema.
As the title said, I will post no spoiler, and I’m sure this goes without saying as how it is with other Gintama episode: It. Was. Awesome. o(`ω´ )o


So I went back home with Elizabeth (=゚ω゚)ノ

Hopefully I can watch the movie again in AFA.

“Even if everyone else forget, I will never forget.”

Be Forever Yorozuya!


Insane Black Rock Shooter

First to fellow dA watchers, sorry that I haven’t been online or replying messages for a few days. I had a university entrance test last saturday and sunday, and busy being nervous waiting for the results until yesterday XD

Finally after months of waiting the insane Black Rock Shooter 1/8 figure is released! I was really surprised when it arrived to my home, I really didn’t expect it to be as big as Love is War DX ^^;


My room has no place for 2 giant figures! ∑(゚Д゚)

Please enjoy some photo of the IBRS figure’s details taken from various angles (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))















Very pretty! I fell in love completely with this figure since the first time I saw the official pictures~

Aaaand that’s pretty much it for today’s post, for more IBRS pictures follow me on my deviantArt account: *\(^o^)/*

Thanks for reading!