AFA 2013

Still in the airport waiting for the flight home~ meanwhile I’ll upload photos from my iPad ^O^


Arrived in the hotel on Friday afternoon! I brought Mail with me because I went to the Singapore Doll Carnival on Sunday. My hotel is right in front of Suntec, so convenience to arrive early and leave late night during AFA


Titan head~ on Friday night not so many people around, so I can take pictures in ease~ it was taken down on Sunday about 7 PM, such shame TToTT would love to take more pics of it before going home.


Loot from day 1, I hunt for as many Gintama merchandise I can find. Proware booth is still packed so didn’t shop there


Unlike AFA ID you can buy tickets for whichever day you want in AFA13, so I don’t have to queue again for Saturday and Sunday =w=


Monokuma decal and Yorozuya strap! My DS is looking good~ (=゚ω゚)ノ


Day 2 cosplay as Homuhomu. Met some friends on day 2, our booth also got visited by a lot of customers! Many sold out products on day 2 so we mainly sell fanbook and photobook on the third day~


Day 2 loot~ finally shop at Proware, bought many Hideyoshi, gift for friends, Bokuto, mirai t-shirts, etc


Our display on the wall change everyday, because sometimes when people want a poster that is already sold out they asked us to take off the one on the display (wwww)


Mail with new wigs and nekomimi from SDC! More photos of SDC tomorrow. They sell some doll heads, eyes, acc, clothes, shoes, furniture, and many more! They even have Moe head from SQlab TToTT I hope mine will arrive soon!


So more photos of AFA from my camera will also be uploaded tomorrow. Overall once again I’m very happy with the awesome experience and memories from AFA, even though I didn’t get to see LiSA this year (´・_・`) wish for more wonderful event this year and many years to come!