Miku Expo

So Miku Expo in Indonesia had ended yesterday, adding one more to list of “Wonderful memories I shall never forget” 😀

At first I didn’t plan to watch the concert because I already watched it once 2+ years ago in Singapore, and not sure that I had enough money because there was already May’n concert and Nendoroid this month. But thanks to 7-11 promo, in the end I still got to watch Miku here!


First about the event itself. Miku Expo is first held in Indonesia for winning the poll in mikubook.com, “Help Us Find You!”

From mikubook:

“Thank you very much for your support of Crypton’s “Help Us Find You” campaign! We are very happy to announce our official worldwide event “HATSUNE MIKU EXPO”!

The first town is …. Jakarta, Indonesia! Soon this event will travel across the world! Don’t miss when it comes to your country!!

Find out about details on MIKUEXPO.COM >>

Jakarta has achieved the highest vote in our “Help Us Find You!” campaign, so itfs your vote that makes “HATSUNE MIKU EXPO 2014 in Indonesia” happen! Thank you very much!”



Moving on!


Giant Snow Miku 2014 and friends in front of the Expo entrance. Merchie war on 1st day, I came around 1 PM and the expo opens at 4 PM ^^ Concert tickets holder got prioritized to get in, got to be the firsts buyer and finished my shopping in peace. Afterwards I get to look around and take photos around the expo without much hassle. Since first day is merchie war and second day is concert day, so I didn’t bring my DSLR. But I got another trusty sidekick, my Lumia phone! LOL


More photos:


Hello Miku!



1/1 Miku 2.0 statue, no touchy!



Vocaloid software guide in Bahasa



Miku V3



Vocaloid software boxes



Official Illustrations



Snow Miku 2014 arts



Entrance gate



Hello to you too, Miku!



Day 1 loot



FPS’ Allgroassai message in piapro wall! Taken from his instagram ^^


Miku costume by Cospa, need some adjustments and wig is still on order 😀



Sakura Miku!



First day loot!



Ready for second day. Arrived a little late cos no need to rush, done shopping and exploring yesterday ^^



Good morning Miku 😀



3rd show concert starts on the evening.



Ooh hello, meet with more Miku today!



Ready to get in!



More illustrations



Melancholic. Rin-chan!!



Snow Miku 2014 and friends



Also wrote on the piapro wall before it gets full XD



Miku and Miku



In line to the silver concert ticket holder venue. Last concert!



Let’s go!



My trusty lightstick


No long ass concert story, just awesome effect on lightning, background, wonderful musics. Fireworks during Himitsu Keisatsu, hype crowds, got the front seat on silver part, Senbonzakura, Migikata no chou, and Romeo Cinderella got very nice show. Lots of dancing with Luka Luka Night Fever. Rin-chan got Karafuru Melody, Melancholic, and Kokoro. Tell Your World, and a very memorable ending scene.

“Mail sent to next location. Thank You Indonesia”


and on behalf of myself and other people watching the concerts and attending the expo, THANK YOU TO YOU TOO!



Take pictures together with Nendonesian, everyone get a Miku Expo poster after the concert (and some of us got it signed from the Crypton CEO!), otsukaresama deshita!





and so it finished. Everyone got different experiences during that two days, but I think we can all agree that it was overall a very happy memories.


Until next time!




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