Nendoroid #500 Sakura Miku Bloomed in Japan

Hello, it’s been a long time since I posted a photo review 😀

This time I’m checking out the recently released Nendoroid, Nendoroid #500 Sakura Miku Bloomed in Japan.

The box:

The box material is different to previous nendoroids, it’s not really good to photographed compared to the usual glossy or doff version, because the texture is really visible.




The Sakura background included from the nendoroid box.


The parts.


The new faceplate shape, the material is also a little bit different but it’s not seen in photographs.



Color comparison with the original Sakura Miku.


Front – Side – Back view




Parts, Poses, and Details.













So do you think the new Sakura Miku is cuter than the first one? I certainly enjoy the varieties of parts and alter hair, also the cute faceplates.

See you next post~



Traveling to Akihabara

Hello hello for another blog post~ it’s been quite a long time. Also for this year I didn’t write a blog post about Anime Festival Asia Indonesia, so instead I’ll write about my recent trip to Akihabara. Hopefully this could help you if you ever wanted to plan your first trip or anything ^^ 

As for me, this isn’t exactly my first time going to Japan since I went last year with a tour group, but this time I plan the trip myself so I can go and explore the city I’ve always wanted to go to, Akihabara. 

Like what probably a lot of people think I was also really nervous before I finally decided to go, because my japanese language skills is next to zero ^^; but it turns out even with the language barrier it’s perfectly possible to survive and explore Akiba for days (and of course shopping!) 

First for the planning, there are many site like that gives guide about the city you wanted to visit, transportation (how to get there), hotel recommendation, and tourism spots. You can book your hotels from site like agoda or for free of charge and pay at the hotel during your arrival. For the visa (Indonesian still needs visa to go) I asked a travel agency to took care of it. 


Flight from Jakarta takes about 7 hours to Tokyo, so I took a midnight flight and arrived at 9 AM Tokyo Time. From the airport, if you are a light traveller, you can use bus or local train or anything else to go to the city (taxi is not recommended though, very expensive). But if you bring giant suitcases like me (I need that suitcase for my loots, okay?!), it is more convenient to take the Keisei skyliner train. The train is very spacey, you got reserved seats, luggage space, cabin space, table, etc. It is also an express train, only about 45 minutes ride to Ueno. The price is a bit more expensive, ¥2400 per person, but it is easier and faster. From Ueno we can transfer to JR Yamanote Line and Akihabara is just 2 stations away.


In Akiba I stayed at Remm Hotel, a hotel very close to the station, chuo dori main street, and located on Akiba Tolim mall building. Another recommended hotel is Washington hotel located just across the street. Remm is just a standard hotel, small lobby, no restaurant (you get coupon to eat at a cafe in Tolim if you asked for breakfast), but it is a very nice hotel. The standard room (like most of city hotel room in Japan) is small. But it doesn’t really bother me because of course, what I need more than bed is…


 free high speed internet access. Yay. The view from my room is also facing the chuo dori and UDX building.


A map:

A few sumarry of the shops you can find on the mainstreet:

WP_20140820_017 WP_20140820_022

Sofmap: There are maybe four or five Sofmap stores along the main street. It’s mainly an electronic store, but it also sells figures and games. I actually planned to buy headphone there, and turns out they have like hundreds of stocks and you can try on all of them. I spend a good one hour testing out cheap to the most expensive headphone before choosing one 😀

WP_20140819_011 WP_20140819_013

Radio Kaikan: There is Akihabara souvenir shops on the first floor that sells anime-themed snacks and cookies like Maid Cookies and Akiba Moe Moe Cookies. The rest sells merchandises, manga, books, and figures, Azone shop is also located here. It’s a 10 floor building so you will take your time browsing there XD

Laox and Akky: Duty free shops that sell souvenirs and electronics. It doesn’t have as many stocks as Sofmap though, and Sofmap is also duty free, so I bought there instead. 

Yodobashi-Akiba: A giant mall with even more stocks of electronics! XD what did you expect? Akihabara is well known as electric town 😛 it also has many games for all kind of consoles, book stores, CDs and DVDs, the top floors are full with restaurants. 

Mandarake: Second hand shops for CDs, games, and also- of course- figures! You need to browse the shelves because sometimes there are different figures put behind figures on the front, and if you’re lucky you can get ridiculously low prices on good items! But because the figures are second hand, you should check on box damage and stuffs. The figure itself is usually in good condition though. 

WP_20140821_001 WP_20140821_002

Animate: Quite a fun experience lining up with many other people outside animate before it opens. Mainly merchandise shops for all anime, and also all kind of official merchandises. Books, t-shirts, keychain, earphones, pens, note book, mouse pad, you name it and you can find it there! Oh, did I mention pillows, towels, posters, coasters, bags– okay you got the point 😛 I ended up spending more money here than on figures ^^;

WP_20140819_005 WP_20140819_012 WP_20140820_010

Figure hunting is not only limited in the main street, small shops along the streets also have all kind of figures and merchs, and shops like Kotobukiya is located in alleys so make sure to explore thoroughly!

WP_20140820_011 WP_20140820_013 WP_20140821_015

Other fun things to do is to spend time playing games in the arcade like Club Sega and Taito, I finally can play P4 Ultimax and Project Diva Arcade! ^0^ The music sounds in the arcades is sooo frickin’ loud because there are many music games in one floor so there is usually headphones available or you can use your own to connect to the machine. 


I did not go in to any maid cafes, but many of the maids are on the street giving out brochures to promote. The popular ones are probably @home cafe and maid dreamin’. I only met one cosplayer though, an employee in Club Sega. Wish I could have meet more TToTT at night there was also Nozomi but I didn’t took photos because it was already dark. 


Most of the shops are closed from 7 – 8 PM, so afterwards I just walk around for sightseeing. Food bars are open until late night though. I didn’t eat in mall restaurants because the food price is quite expensive, I ate in local fast food restaurants/cafes along the streets, sometimes I bought set meal from convenience stores. You can ask the clerk to heat it and it actually tastes really delicious ^^; (much cheaper too). Some restaurants have english menu for we who don’t understand japanese, or you could just point to the pictures, some also have ordering machine so you just have to show your tickets to the waiter. 

Sight seeing at night is very nice, the streets is still crowded even in 10 PM. Akihabara also has the most wonderful scenery


Giant billboards ❤ 

WP_20140819_006 WP_20140820_009 WP_20140820_014

The shops at the time I visited is currently filled with Love Live! and Kantai Collection. Even just walking in Chuo dori you heard Love Live! songs played everywhere so it sounds like they’re all playing the same songs XD There are many figure displays inside (but make sure that it is okay to take photos because some have the ‘no photo’ sign), and the giant banners are not only limited at the building outside since they also filled the shops and elevators. 

More photos:

WP_20140820_002 WP_20140820_004  WP_20140820_015 WP_20140820_018 WP_20140820_027 WP_20140821_003 WP_20140821_005 WP_20140821_006 WP_20140821_016 WP_20140821_017 WP_20140821_018

Hungry? Buy some snacks!

IMG_5444 IMG_5451 IMG_5491 IMG_5510WP_20140820_019

WP_20140820_023 WP_20140820_024

Lawson has a lot of collab snacks and merchandises. 

Eroge, adult figures, and other ecchi merchandises are put on a specific floors, or separated with closed doors or curtains that said “no entry under 18” so I can’t tell you what’s inside since I can’t even get it (duh) ^^;

WP_20140821_013 WP_20140821_014

Other places I visited are Tamashii Nation Akiba Showroom, Gundam cafe, Tokyo Anime Centre in UDX building (it is also a tourist information centre, you can get information pamphlets in many languages), Nitro+ Chiral shop. 

Some loots:


Omake: my iPad looks fabulous now. 

WP_20140823_001 WP_20140823_002 WP_20140823_004

Got a question? Comment here or mail me:


Line: nikicorny2

First Mandarake Buy


I bought two Alter figures, Nodoka and Momo. Momo is priced 4000 yen, Nodoka 2000 yen, and shipping with EMS to Indonesia + packing totaled to be 2400 yen, so 8400 yen for all ^^

Both figures’ description was opened and box damage, sometimes Mandarake doesn’t provide the detailed photos of the condition so you can’t really check how bad is the damage.


First, Nodoka

The “box damage”



Figure and blisters still in perfect condition




Next: Momo

Box damage


Figure and blisters





So far very satisfied with my haul, I got worse box damage on other figures thanks to shipping and moving lol, this is nothing compared to it. Packaging also really safe and didn’t add more damage 😀 Will definitely buy again

New Display Case

I got a new display case so I moved all of my figures yesterday ^^
Mine are usually on display so I need to put them back to their boxes again before moving, quite tiring I finish after about 3-4 hours on turbo mode ^^; but when displaying them again…
I start on 6 PM and finish around 2 AM

Haha basically it goes: Unbox, Clean, Put on a cool display pose, Put away box, Repeat xx times.

Some photos ^0^



















The boxes are put everywhere :p



This shelf looks small but it actually hold about 40 boxes XD


Extra display:


Gintama 2014 calendar! Every page contains 2 months (Gin 1-2, Hiji 3-4, etc) but it looks cooler to be displayed together rather than one by one XD



More from me on:



2014 figure wishlist

Since end-2013 until early 2014 (now) there has been many figure prototypes for this year releases

And since I have nothing better to do I’m gonna share some of my favorites (must buy list) from the prorotypes I have seen!

First up:


Haruka Nanase from Free! by Alter

I’m not a huge fan of Free! but the series is actually pretty nice (I even like it) and the characters are of course the main selling point for us girls :p My favorites are actually Rin and Nagisa, but I don’t know when they will make their figures (or even make it at all) so I want to buy Haru first ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


Actually Makoto looks quite good too, and it would be awesome to have all 5 of them and line em up together so if the release dates are good I will probably buy Makoto too ^^


Next up is nendoroid Snow Miku 2014!

I have been cheering for this design since the finalists’ designs were announced, so I’m so happy when this one wins ^^ not too mention the cute costume, face plates, accessories, and nendoroid base


Now back to scaled figures:



Kirigiri from Danganronpa! I really like this figure, it got a mini monokuma, awesome base and details. Kirigiri’s face is also very pretty (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) have been waiting for this one since I saw the prototype last year, hopefully it’ll be ready soon!


Kancolle bath toys! It’s a type of toys that I have never buy before 😀 Looks like it floats… I want to take it to the pool with me!

Last, it’s actually a prototype I found by accident when browsing


I saw Tsukki’s PVC prototype on my facebook a few weeks ago and when I was looking for the pic again I found out that they’re making a new Sougo figure! The pose is very cool ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ not to mention I just got my first Sougo on December (it released around mid July but I think my local shop lost my order and just send mine on December lol):


I definitely like the new pose better and I think I should buy Hijikata or Kagura to go with him too v(^_^v)♪


For now that’s about it, there has been many new nendoroids announced in January, thankfully I don’t really want them so I can save more money for later months ^^; looks like there will be many good scaled figure this year!

Until next time (^_−)−☆

Less than 2 weeks to AFAID!

Two weeks less to Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2013! This year AFAID will last for 3 days from September 6 – 8 in Jakarta Convention Center.


I will be there on Friday (evening), Saturday (morning – night), and Sunday (morning – evening), and Figure Photo Studio ( is located in the Creators Hub Area booth #27/28.

FPS first started on last year’s AFAID, and to start our second year we will prepare new products in the booth, do come and visit us! 😀 a sneak peek:


We got about more or less two months to create a whole new photo sets for AFA, everybody has been working hard to prepare for this >__< I’m also doing my best to keep up! With my ‘last year in school’ started this July, it’s been a pretty exciting time to divide time for my study and hobbies these weeks XD

Another thing to look forward to in AFAID:


Miku photobook! For those who didn’t get a chance to pre-order or can’t buy it online, it will also be available in our booth. Feel free to check it out (and buy some) for lots of Miku cuteness :p

I have ordered new costume for AFA, but it seems like it’s still in the making and I’m not sure if it will be finished on time, so perhaps I’ll cosplay as Zura (ja nai, Katsura da!) on the second or last day. Complicated costumes will be too much of a hassle since I will be helping out in the booth so I don’t think I’ll cosplay on the other days ^^;

Even though I live in Jakarta, my house is about 2 hours away from the convention center, so I’ll stay in a hotel near JCC since Friday and won’t come back home till Sunday, instead of wasting 4 hours everyday for car rides.

Definitely excited for AFAID this year, hopefully will get a chance to meet many old and new friends there.

See you in AFA!